We're excited to share that Sano is expanding to Cork! Sano, established in 2018, already has two branches in Dublin and one in Glasgow. We'll be opening at the former location of Sliced at 41 Parnell Place, Cork Centre. Following extensive renovations, we aim to open in early September 2023.
We currently have several positions available; please click Join Our Team at the top of the page.
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Opening Hours
Monday 12pm - 10pm
Tuesday 12pm - 10pm
Wednesday 12pm - 10pm
Thursday 12pm - 10.30pm
Friday 12pm - 11pm
Saturday 12pm - 11pm
Sunday 12pm - 10pm (11pm on Bank Holidays)

Phone Number - +353 21 229 1020

Welcome to Sano Pizza, Cork. At Sano, we make authentic Neapolitan pizza using the finest traditional ingredients sourced from Italy. Our handmade pizza dough is carefully proved for 48 hours before our Pizzaiolo bake them in an intense 450-degree heat to create a light, delicious crust. We want you to enjoy Pizza the Italian way, uncomplicated, bursting with joy and full of intense, fresh flavour.

the story of Sano

Sano Pizza came to life after the MacHugh twin brothers travelled to Naples and were astonished by the delicious, healthy, and affordable Neapolitan pizzas. On April 16th, 2018, the first Sano Pizza in Temple Bar, Dublin, opened its doors, bringing the authentic taste of Naples to the city.

Sano now has five branches in Dublin, Glasgow, and Cork, where our talented pizzaiolos make over 10,000 pizzas weekly. Our pizzaiolos craft the dough by hand using the finest Italian ingredients and then prove it for 24 hours. The result? A delicate, airy, and incredibly flavoursome crust that transports you straight to the heart of Italy with every bite.